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Business Areas

Career perspectives

We offer unique logistics services and excellent opportunities on every level!

DB Schenker’s business sectors air and rail offer complex worldwide transport and logistics solutions from one single source. Take a look at which areas you could maximize your potential in:

Land Transport

The only road we don’t travel down is the road to nowhere.

Nowadays it is not enough to simply know the way.
A comprehensive service tailored to customer requirements completes our whole service package. With a network of more than 700 road transport branches spread across Europe DB Schenker is the unparalleled number 1 in continental European road transportation. Become a part of our company with its 135 years of experience in the transportation sector. 

Rail Transport

You set the target – we will lay the tracks. DB Schenker Rail links all logistics activities in Europe on the tracks. With 92.000 freight trains and almost 3.100 locomotives we own the largest fleet in continental Europe.  

Jump on the bandwagon! Our service is efficient, customer oriented and environmentally friendly!

Our core business is the actual commissioning of transportation services on the tracks, meaning the actual positioning and driving of trains.  Until our train drivers can set off, a whole variety of logistics pre-services have to be set in motion such as commissioning the locomotives and freight trains at our own depots, planning the traffic flows and the physical conjoining of the trains at our marshalling yards. Whether you take the operative, coordinating or strategic route, put yourself back on track!

Put yourself back on track and give us your expertise!  Whether you are an experienced “railworker” or are a professional new to this field your innovative ideas are always welcome, for this combination leaves a lot of room for creativity.

Sea Freight

We connect 5 continents and all seas in between. Sea freight – for every challenge posed by the sea DB Schenker counters with innovative and economically advantageous solutions. As one of the leading sea freight providers we move around 2800 containers per day worldwide. Dive into the exciting world of sea freight with DB Schenker.

Air Freight

Take off with us in 24 different time zones. As one of the global market leaders in air freight forwarding DB Schenker ensures that goods arrive at the customer’s desired destination, even if they have to cross every country and every border.  With our scheduled air freight products our customers set the pace.

Jump aboard and let the journey begin!

Contract Logistics

We have the world market in stock! DB Schenker - your efficient logistics provider for every eventuality – for complex logistics solutions along your entire supply chain or for individual parts of the logistics chain. Contract logistics means much more than just storage. Contract logistics equals understanding and implementing processes. Our performance is only optimized when we apply innovative ideas which enable our customer to stay ahead of their competition. Apply your expertise and find first-class solutions for discerning customers.

Special Products

The full service package for that special something. From heavy load transport to company removals, big events, concerts or even oilfield maintenance - DB Schenker is your partner for individual logistics solutions and tailored career opportunities.

As an experienced professional, switching into classic cross-sectional functions such as strategy, sales, finances, controlling and human resources is easy. In these areas both the line functions as well as project work form essential components of daily business. If you are thinking of changing career direction there are exciting opportunities for professional development for you here. If you would like more information on our business fields please click on the link „products and services“

Last modified: 14.08.2014

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