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Join DB Schenker on a discovery tour!

Gain an early insight into the impressive and multi-facetted world of a logistics company!

Do I like to be outside in the fresh air or do I prefer to be in an office? Do I like technology and manual work or is learning new languages one of my main passions?  Now to the main question: “What is the right thing for me?” Test your strengths - discover where your interests lie with DB Schenker and find out which area you would like to work in in the future.
We can give you an in-depth insight into the exciting world of an international logistics company.  You will have the opportunity to combine your knowledge with hands-on practical experience – take a chance on DB Schenker!

If you have already left a promising impression it will be easier for you to join DB Schenker in the future. You have the best chance to show yourself in your best light in person. We will give you the opportunity to discover for yourself which direction your professional journey should go in. 
Take a look at DB Schenker and swap your pencil and calculator for practical experience.

Last modified: 14.08.2014

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