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Provide a good work environment

QHSSE Policy

PT Schenker Petrolog Utama is a company of integrated logistics and freight forwarding services. The company is committed to improvement of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security of our business principle through:


  • To endeavor and to maximize customer satisfaction with the services provided at all times
  • To achieve and maintain the level of quality this enhances the company's reputation with customers

  • Efficient and effective management of the company through an efficient operating system an improved quality system, and to provide developed framework that allows an accomplishment of our quality

  • Quality system is achieved through an adoption of a system of procedures that reflects the competence of the company to the existing, potential, customers, and independent auditing authorities


  • All employees have the responsibility to provide healthy working conditions

  • Awareness and recognition with training about the important to prevent illness by healthy life

  • Management and employees are actively together in conducting activities related to health

  • Starting from our self improve our work  environments to be a central and prioritized element of public health work place


  • Identify, evaluate and manage risks that arise from the work we do
  • Comply with DB Schenker Asia Pacific organizational policies, current applicable legislation, regulatory and statutory requirements and other requirements to which Schenker Asia Pacific subscribes to

  • Create a workplace culture that values the elimination of risk

  • Can demonstrate commitment to  and progress in achieving continual improvement

  • Ensure all our employees work in a safe and secure manner in accordance with our security standards and procedures

  • Proactive in developing and motivating safe and secure behavior in all our activities

  • To ensure, safe, secure and efficient logistic for costumer value by protecting our company’s employees, assets, information, integrity and reputation from potential threats.


  • Every Employee has the responsibility to prevent any accidents and injuries by observing the established working rules

  • Practicing the principles taught in the safety training and providing ideas so that our safety efforts will be further strengthened

  • Employees have the responsibility to comply with all legal and customer requirements, and all company rules and regulations that are related to safety

  • Analyzing and discussing any accident while taking measures to prevent these kinds of accident / incident occur


  • Increase knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among all staff, which will provide them the opportunity to consider environmental aspects in their daily work

  • Influence, set standards for collaborate with other companies, authorities and organization

  • View environmental measurement as long – term investment

  • Prevent pollution to the air, ground and water by considering the effect of each new development of services

  • Commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and other related environmental aspect requirement

Last modified: 14.08.2014

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