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Clean air freight

Highly economical airplanes

Within its network, DB Schenker uses airplanes from leading carriers, giving it access to the most efficient fleets in the world.

Logistics specialists book Boeing 777 cargo planes, for example, which feature lower-consumption engines, aerodynamically optimized winglets on the wing tips, an ultralight carbon-fiber design and a much greater load volume. Using these aircraft cuts fuel consumption by up to 20 percent per unit transported.
DB Schenker Logistics enables air freight-free feeder transports thanks to its gateway concept in Europe. Short-haul flights generally emit 1,000 to 2,000 g/tkm CO2, more than twice as much as long-haul flights. These routes cut over 90 percent of the emissions generated by an airplane.DB Schenker also shifts air freight along the main trade routes onto direct flights, thus avoiding the additional take-offs and landings that are particularly fuel-intensive.

Last modified: 14.08.2014

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