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Rail Freight

Jakarta – Surabaya Rail Freight Powered by PT Schenker Petrolog Utama

PT Schenker Petrolog Utama is proud to announce the success of our dedicated Trans Java container rail service. We now carry hundreds of containers per month of paints, automotive parts, chemicals, machinery and consumer products.

Departing twice a day, the train ride between Jakarta and Surabaya only takes 18 hours, reducing the transit lead time by 50% and the cost up to 20% for our customers.

Customer is now utilizing Rail Freight as their majority Mode of Transport of their supply chain solution.

Our services include:

Pre-Carriage & Logistics Services

  • Check of required paperwork
  • Feeder services by truck, sea, rail
  • Logistics services

 Terminal & Train Operations Control

  • Handling at origin and destination rail terminal
  • Transshipment standard to wide gauge and v. v.

 On-Carriage & Logistics Services

  • Feeder services by truck, sea, rail
  • Logistics services (e.g. deconsolidation, warehousing, etc.) 

Our extensive knowledge and experience in organizing rail shipments enables us to implement the right solution specifically tailored to your needs. We look forward to discuss with you in detail

Advantages of using Rail Transport

  • Reducing transport cost up to 20%
  • Having allocation of Free Time demurrage at destination station
  • Lower fuel factor composition 14% of transport cost
  • Achieve faster & more reliable transit time (less than 48hrs)
  • Fixed schedule (departing twice a day)
  • Dedicated space with Schenker service
  • Avoiding traffic and road blockage
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • More safety in accident ratio (0,36%)* Ministry of Transportation

Last modified: 30.05.2017

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